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PSA - Flight Training and You

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 27, 2014, 7:12 PM
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Assalam alaikum all, and Eid Mubarak! *stuffs face with dates*

It's time for a real update from me concerning real art and training schedule issues.  This journal will be on the longer side and will be organized with bold headings for easy reference!

Again, feel free to note me directly concerning any questions you may have.  However, if you note me with a question that I cover in here, I will most likely direct you to this journal in my response.

*Please take the time to read this, especially if:
-You are wondering when commissions will open
-You have a question about commission openings
-You have a question about a specific type of commission
-You have contacted me previously about a commission
-You are planning on contacting me soon about a commission

*The TL;DR:
-Flight training takes up 90% of my time
-Delays in responses
-Commissions Tentatively Open - limited availability
-What I can and can't do for commissions
-If you have contacted me about a commission, I may contact you again as I may be able to do it
-If you want a commission, the best times to go about getting it
-Buying prints!


*Flight Training & Time for Art

As announced last week, yes, it has begun!  For those of you wondering, I've started the initial flight training, which consists of ground school and the actual flying.  Why is this such a big deal?  Well, it's my career, for starters.  And two, the Navy is trying to squeeze several months of normal civilian training into two weeks of bookwork.

In the past two days alone, I've studied 16+ hours straight.  I have to cover, on average, a dozen chapters of material a day, and have three exams a week.  Not counting the real-deal FAA exams.

So if anyone out there is wondering why I can't take commissions full time and do flight training at the same time, this is why.

Now obviously I can't study 24/7.  I [s]am forcing myself to[/s] have time in the evenings to have some breaks.  While it's significantly less time than before, it is still possible for me to work on art.  While I'm hoping to do some personal work on and off, I still would like to keep as flexible as possible and offer commissions, (I still need to pay for that printer, haha.)

*Delays in Commissions & Responses

Forgive me if I've beaten this into the ground a lot lately.  Due to time restraints and now additional time restraints from studying, you may experience some delays in responses to both notes and comments from me.  

-These delays can range anywhere from a day, to a couple days, to a week or slightly more.
-If you've noted me and more than a week has gone by, feel free to note me again as I may have forgotten or the note might be lost in cyberspace.
-These delays are not personal by any means.
-If a note, comment, or question is time-sensitive, please make that clear at the beginning of the message or even in the subject line of your note.
-If you're waiting on a commission from me, my waiting time will be longer than usual.  Wait times are currently 1-2 weeks or more, (though usually much less.)

*Commission Option Availability

If you're holding your breath for my next big batch opening, you can let it out.  Unfortunately, due to having less time than before, I will be unable to offer any huge batches, (more than 5-10 pieces at a time.)

I am also still unable to take on larger pieces as well.  Namely multi-character pieces, pieces without visual references, and reference sheets.  I am still available for nearly everything else.  Allow me to break this down, (because I love making lists.)

*Pieces I am unable to currently do:
-Any character/design without a visual reference
-Epic Scenes (full backgrounds)
-Multi-character (2+) pieces
-Ultimate Reference Sheets
-Build-Your-Own Reference Sheets

*Pieces I am able to currently do:
-Icons of any shading style
-Cell or soft-cell
-Gradient or realistic
-2+ characters (limited in availability - depends on piece)
-YCH piece auctions (limited availability, depends on my schedule)
-Ref-Sheet Shots (single, side or 3/4 facing 'ref sheet view' poses)

Again, remember that these are all 'current,' meaning that, in a few month's time, I may be open for more commission options.  If you are unclear about this information, please let me know and I'll be more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have!

*Commission Openings

Here's the part everyone is waiting for!  In all actuality, nothing much has changed as far as my openings except for the obvious fact that I can't open commissions as often as I have been!  Again, allow me to break this down into subcategories.

-Journal Batches: While I will not be taking on any huge openings, I will do my best to offer small-size batches, 3-5 pieces per each.  The type of pieces I can offer will depend on my upcoming training schedule.  These will be announced via journal and will be first come, first served.

-YCH Pieces: I am hoping to offer more of these, though there will be fewer than before, as few as one per week or per two weeks.  Again, these are dependent on my schedule.  I do hope to continue offering them, as the sketch is already done and I can offer a 'complete' sketch idea to finish as a full commission when I have time.

-YCH with my Character Pieces: Tired of me talking about these yet?  Same as with YCH pieces, but fewer and farther between, due to the extra character being added and more time needed per piece.

-If you contacted me previously: Either by note or by journal, you may receive a note from me with an update that I can take your piece on!  This is not guaranteed for all who have contacted me, and when I contact you is, again, schedule dependent.  This is mainly to those with whom I was discussing a piece with but had to put it on hold due to my sudden change in training.

-Just Note Me: In all honesty, if you have a commission idea, feel free to note me and I'll either hash out more details with you and let you know if I can or can't do it at this time.

As far as noting me with a commission idea goes, as always, I encourage you to take a look at my journal updates, if I have made any recently.  If I make a crazy update like, 'Wah, I'm so busy, I'm going crazy!' then it's probably best to hold off on your idea until I make a journal like, 'This, this, and this are happening, and so is art!' similar to this exact update.  And also, when it comes to ideas about bigger pieces like the ones I outlined above, still feel free to note me, but just expect me to be unable to take on the piece and me to direct you to this journal or any more recent ones for additional information. *shrugs*  But even if I can't do the piece currently, I'll still answer any questions you have in particular about it.

Again, same thing.  Commissions tentatively opened, just very limited.  Limited in both what exactly I can and can't do, and whether or not I'll be able to take your piece on right now.

If you do contact me about a commission and I can't take it on, I'll let you know.  If I can but am unable to right at that moment, I will let you know and contact you when I am able to.

*Opportunity to Buy Prints!

Remember that printer I mentioned I wanted to get last week and had to close commissions?  Well, I went ahead and got it!  I really did need it, and soon, (I need to scan and print off a bunch of forms and forms of identification for my flight classes.)  I'm so excited, I can't wait to play with it!

As it is able to print photos, I will be offering prints to commissioners!  This option is for previous or current commissioners who would like to receive a hard copy of their piece.  This is a rare thing I offer, as I usually limit these to around conventions when I can deliver them in person.

These prints will be printed on high-quality, glossy photo paper, (similar to what I print my badges on,) and will be available in a variety of sizes.

If you're interested, stay tuned!  I will be making a journal update once I get my printer set up nice and neat and can offer these.  The journal will include size options as well as price information for one or more prints.

*Art & Life in General

If I've missed anything that anybody has a question up there and you think it's relevant to this update, let me know.

Thanks to everyone, especially commissioners, for being so patient with me.  Again, this is all happening so quickly, it's hard for me even to keep up with myself sometimes, heh.

Expect timely and informative journal updates similar to this and on a similar time-frame, (about once or twice a week.)  I will do my best to keep all my friends and watchers in the loop in general, and commissioners will receive to-the-minute updates if anything major in my schedule comes up.

*And just to reiterate...  
-If I'm not open for something now, I may be in the future.
-If you have a question about anything, note me anytime.
-Keep an eye out for Journal Batches and YCH Pieces - there won't be a lot, but they will be happening.
-If you contacted me about a commission, I may contact you again in the upcoming few weeks.
-If you want a commission, (namely the options I'm available for that I've listed above,) note me anytime.

And...yep. :)

I'll also try to include some information about my training in my updates.  Unfortunately, though, I don't have any exciting updates as my current training is bookwork.  I'm sure I'll have some good stories from my first few times in the cockpit.

Want to see some sneaky pictures I've been taking of the aircraft around base?  Check out my Tumblr:

Questions, comments, concerns?  Comment here or note me!

Two-block, FOXTROT!

Want to learn more about Muzafr?

Check out her reference sheet here!…
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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States

!السلام عليكم
Assalam alaikum!
Hey guys, TwilightSaint here! Welcome to my page!
You can call me Twilight, Saint, TwilightSaint,
Muzafr, Muzafrudin, Judean Desert Dragon,
Desert Dragon, or the Chin Dragon!
I am the original Chin Dragon.

A big shout-out here to all Watchers, Commenters, and Favouriters, current and new!
All the support and feedback is very appreciated!

*Woman - Straight - Loves Spicy Food*
I'm am a self-taught artist focusing primarily in digital art.
My preferred genre is fantasy and historical fantasy. I am an avid history buff and student, focusing in the Crusades and Islamic history.
I enjoy martial arts, and am also an active marksman with semi-automatic rifles and pistols.
Along with my art and studies, I love traveling, specifically in Outremer, and can speak Arabic. I hope to relocate to and live in Jerusalem in the future.

Sites that I'm a member of:………
PhotoBucket (Private Account - used for sending WIPS to commissioners.)
FurBuy (Private Account - used for browsing)

* Questions, comments, concerns? Please come to me directly to discuss it. *
Please do NOT advertise yourself or others in my page comments.
Gifts, commissions, and funny links are fine.

"Wallah, let me be fast and accurate.
Let my aim be straight and true
And my hand faster
Than those who seek to destroy me.
Grant me victory over my foes
And those that wish to do harm to me and mine.
Let not my last thought be,
'If only I had my gun.'
Wallah, if today is truly
The day that you call me home,
Let me die
In a deep pile of brass."

~Just Another Day in Paradise~

 photo fourlionsrpgexpshorter_zpsed8d73b3.gif

Want a sneak peak into some of my upcoming projects, fursuit photos, and art and commissioning news? Check out my Tumblr! 

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Thank you, I really appreciate that! :)
Sat Jun 28, 2014, 3:02 PM
I just love your art and you are very talented
Fri Jun 27, 2014, 3:26 AM
Wed Feb 19, 2014, 2:51 PM
Sun Feb 16, 2014, 1:08 PM
Love it
Sat Feb 15, 2014, 11:15 AM



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