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November 28, 2012
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Comish - Scaly Nuzzles by TwilightSaint Comish - Scaly Nuzzles by TwilightSaint

Commission for XavierB of FA of his dragon Seraphis, the black dragon with the runes, and Shunkaha's char, the dark blue dragon. ^^

More dragon cuddles! I just did a sketch commission of a couple dragons together, but only one laying down in that pic, and with the same wing 'umbrella.' Love the I'm-going-to-casually-lay-my-wing-over-you-but-make-it-look-like-I'm-stretching-or-a-giant-umbrella wing. :D

Turned out a litter darker than I anticipated - full-view for all details - but I do love the lighting and effects! Especially on the wings and arms.

Also, instead of a standard texture background, we decided on a slightly shaded background and I added a texture behind it - adds some atmosphere, like they're in a cave or corner of a room. Heh, the lighting makes them look like they're in a room watching a movie. ;P Seraphis is all 'Snuggle!' and Shunkaha is all like 'Heh! I'm so epic! Distract you with mah sexy face while I do the wing-stretch-umbrella move!'

Dragon lols. :)

Thanks XavierB!

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Critique by ruuk-ve Mar 25, 2014, 7:33:54 PM
Hello there, mate. I saw you wanted someone to give your work a bit of criticism and I'm not too busy right now, so why not? By the way, love your dragons, mate. Simply stunning, really. Marvelous work.

Hey, also mate, I'm sorry, but I'm a detailed critique. I don't take the time to describe my feelings about something unless I really feel like going in depth on those feelings. Point being: I write long and through reviews. I hope you take a liking to that fact rather than take it as an inconvenience, mate. It's not my intention to simply be a fly buzzing about your ear.

Now, onto this piece i see before me now! I read the description and noticed some of the specific things you wanted to draw out in your image. i feel that, for the most part, you did a remarkable job catching the characters and really getting their personalities through wit this single pic.

As you talked a little bit on, the lighting in the image is actually quite interesting. you say it's a bit dark overall, and i have to agree with you on that, mate; but I actually like it. I feel that the excess darkness in the picture helps to coordinate the brighter areas you're wanting your viewers' eyes to go to- like the wings, for instance, that you spoke of; and then to the expressions on the drakes' faces.

Now, usually I like to analyze pieces of literature for their rhetoric, but there's also what's known as "visual rhetoric." I feel, mate, like you do a fine job at producing it well. This goes along with your lighting scheme and the general profile of the image. It creates an almost "warming" sense as the eyes travel from the right-hand side of the image over towards the left hand side, with the culmination of the feeling your audience receives being the facial expressions on the two dragons. I love their smiles, mate. Really good job on those. Lots of artists, they don't think about something as minor as just how the smile turns or is angled. You, however, create the exact feeling you were looking for: a rather playful perspective to the relationship between the characters. I like that. Your piece contains what is known as "pathos," or the rhetorical device of using emotional tools to control your audience. Your lighting, in my opinion, could have been a slight bit better; but, from someone who likes to think a bit beyond the cover of a book (or, in this case, a first glance at a piece of lovely artwork), I'd say it almost helps you to get some good feelings with it going on. I would consider it a plus to the piece.

Now, I really really do not like this part of me writing up a critique for your piece, mate; but this is where, with me critiquing and all, I am obligated to give a bit of constructive criticism. Your anatomical precision with the two dragons is absolutely beautiful except for only one thing I would suggest perhaps improving on: the limbs. On the runed dragon, the right foreleg (left for the drake) seems a bit unnatural. I think it's just the way the lighting in that particular area plays off of the arm, but I would suggest touching it up a little bit perhaps. It almost looks like someone's trying to bend it the wrong way. In addition, the jointing on the male (and it could simply be true to the character and just an inconsequential inference on my part) looks a little odd. The forearms, in your image, bend forward, then backward, and then forward again. However, in the type of pose he's in, it would probably look more natural and as though he was more at ease if the legs folded backwards, and then forwards. It seems like he's double-jointed, or something, mate. Now that my least favorite part is over (and assuming you don't hate me and wish to keep reading from here), I'd like to continue with some of the other features of your deviation that I found enjoyable.

I love the male's wing in particular. Your anatomy as far as wing design is concerned is some of the best I've seen- and that's also going off of some of the other deviations in your gallery i remember seeing just earlier while browsing. the lighting on the wing itself seems perfect- don't change a thing at all. I love it. You do a wonderful job at illustrating the fibrous tissues as well between the digits of the wing. Your coloring is top-notch there, mate. Nice details to see. It really makes the picture pop with that pathos yet again.

Again speaking of lighting, but this time speaking in reference to the runes running down the females sides, I feel it necessary to mention how I find it lovely the way it highlights them and makes them almost seem to jump from the page. Fine detail, bright colors, good lighting, it really makes me like this character- and all because how you chose to portray her like that. I love it.

Overall, mate, I'd give this a 9.5 out of 10. i really would. Now, I am not nearly as experienced of an artist as you are, nor will I probably ever be, mate; but i do know how to analyze things and offer my thoughts on them. My thoughts on this are good- no, great. I'm in love with the pic. It reminds me of the playfulness between my own characters in the book I'm writing, and it reminds me why it is I love dragons so much. Great job, mate, on making this how well you did; and great job on representing dragons well.

~Hunter R. Barnes, "Sage"

Hey, also mate, I got one person already lined up, but i'm going to need another artist to mention after that in my group called AA4E. You probably don't need the mention, but it's more of just something fun i like to do for the members and all- I try to be professional about it too. i like your work, I hope that i'd like you, so maybe you'd want to let me make a journal about you and your work sometime in my group? I mean, it's not like a kiddo group- we have over 5,300 members and are expanding rather rapidly, mate. The members like mentions, so why not give 'em a really well-known artist like yourself? I'd leave it up until my next mention after that, which'd be about 2-3 weeks after I post it probably. Shoot me on over a note, mate, if you'd be willing to let me do something like that and if you're interested. Regardless, hope my critique helps you some, mate. Keep up the impressive artistry and keep amazing our awesome community here on dA with your inspiring creations.
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TsuriaDragon Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Twilight you are the master of dragons :D
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Thanks! :D
TsuriaDragon Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
welcomes :3 or I should say Masteress ^^;
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AWWWWW! Love It!
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Is so cute I love them 
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Knight-Of-God Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aw, that's so sweet! And very well done, the quality is amazing! :icondragonwant: I wish I could commission you right now! >_< Too bad I have no money...
TwilightSaint Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thanks so much! ^^
Knight-Of-God Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No problem! :meow:
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